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Giselle is a woman of words, a storyteller. She likes to laugh and make people laugh, dream and realize. She naturally knows how to create a human and warm contact between her and her audience. When she shares her story, an anecdote, she wants to smile on her lips, the spark that makes the eyes shine … If she tells herself, it is to give birth to the other, the heart to believe it too.

Author of her life.

Giselle’s commitment to develop feminine excellence and her desire to see her delays grow, leads her to travel the world and to participate actively in female entrepreneurship. By following her mission as a watchmaking woman, she leads conferences and discovers the pleasures of the scene by sharing her life, her journey, her mission, her vision. With naturalness and authenticity, it tells of its challenges, its successes and its sorrows.
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With humor, the woman entrepreneur reveals herself.

Her testimony as a woman and a watchmaking entrepreneur touches people. We then asked her to write her story. An inspiring story that you will find in his book “Butterfly in the storm”. Events, challenges that will bring her the tools necessary to realize her dreams…

Butterfly In A Storm.

Lady to Watch

Like a magical butterfly navigating through a relentless storm, Giselle Rufer Delance is courageous, beautiful, rebellious,
passionate, and now powerful. Throughout her life, she has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, both personally and professionally.

The world of high-end watchmaking is by its nature, elite, perilous, and exclusionary. Acceptance, if at all, comes with a price frequently a very high one. A price Giselle has paid. For the French-born Giselle, who dared to challenge over a century of tradition, it has
been a journey of fortitude and endless defiance.

Her Delance watch brand is exclusively feminine. That alone makes her an outlier — a one-of-a-kind visionary who refused to be
limited by the thinking of industry “experts.” In spite of their denial, she has emerged as the unconventional victor. Royalty celebrates her unique style, and celebrities prize her statement-making timepieces.

This is Giselle’s story. Though some of the conversations and time periods have been compressed for editorial purposes, the actual thoughts, dreams, and events are all real.

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Butterfly in the storm is available on Amazon in French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. Other languages are in preparation.

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