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Dare the audacity to dream big

Giselle, storyteller, is a woman of speech, of imaging words. Telling a story, an experience, telling your life to make people laugh and light a spark of hope in the eyes of the person who listens to it. To see a smile of conviction emerge in her dreams and in their realization. Through the storytelling Giselle breathes into the audacity to dream big, the audacity to realize her dreams …

A storyteller is born

From entrepreneur to international speaker

President and creator of Delance watches, in 1996, Giselle began by conveying the vision and values of her company on the international scene of female entrepreneurship.

While developing her business, Giselle travels the world to motivate and promote women’s excellence. Sensitive to the development and success of women entrepreneurs, she participates in so many international and national conferences and shares her experience and her vision with the public.

It is through her authentic and touching interventions as a committed businesswoman, that Giselle refines her talent as a storyteller and has fun becoming a storyteller. She reveals her dreams, her journey, her vision and her mission.

The core of her audience

Her original message was addressed to women, to entrepreneurs. She widened to reach any creative and enterprising person. Giselle inspires students, artists, entrepreneurs as well as those involved in personal development, training.

Her message to the public

Through her conferences, workshop and round tables, Giselle values audacity and communicates it with her spontaneity and naturalness. By telling her experience, by sharing anecdotes, she encourages everyone to dare to take their life in hand. This audacity necessary for the realization of the dream in us.

Inspirational Storyteller

Giselle Rufer’s success with the public is sincere: it finds himself in her story, identifies … Asked both in Switzerland and abroad, Giselle likes human contact, sharing and it seduces with its naturalness and authenticity

In the course of her conferences, she spontaneously involves her audience by taking it to task. She uses storytelling with talent to create this friendly and human bond conducive to development and self-realization.

Conferences topics


International speaker

Giselle began her career as an international lecturer in 1986 by participating in congresses on entrepreneurship and the contribution of women to economic and social life. On each continent, she will take advantage of her travels to give interviews to the press, radios, televisions.

French native speaker, she keeps her humor and her beautiful accent on any occasion but universally feels a citizen of the world by this feeling of belonging to the know-how that each culture contains.

Multilingual: French, German, English



"Dare to be bold"

If we act boldly and decisively, we can shape our future

With utmost audacity and lucidity, we can generate powerful ideas

Rond tables. Conferences. Workshop.

  • If you want to invite a role model involved in women empowerment 
  • If you want to motivate the achievement of the ambitions of your participants
  • If you want a dynamic, committed, positive intervention that will inspire your audience.