Creator of a lady's watch

Giselle Rufer

a committed woman
In 1996, Giselle Rufer, founded Delance. A committed woman, she creates the first watch company that is aimed only at women. And to symbolize the diversity and universality of women, she chooses to decline a model of watch to infinity.
Its mission
To highlight the craftsmanship of the "Watch Valley"
In this valley, at the foot of the Jura, close to France, there is a craft specific to the region and its geographical location. Setting, engraving, painting on a dial, the art of enamels are skills that last thanks to high-end watchmaking and jewelry, but which are becoming increasingly rare. Committed woman, Giselle wanted to highlight and keep these arts alive through her business. Thus, in 1996, she created Delance. A female watch brand that will allow it to promote the talent of these craftsmen in the service of a creative symbolism.
Her vision
Delance: a special watch for women
Use women’s talents and skills to offer a watch that contains the essence of the feminine. The Delance watch is easily recognizable by the novelty of its curves and rounding. She marries each person’s arm with complicity. Gold or steel, small or large, a universal model that we appropriate by its personalization. With crimping, engraving, colors, materials, stones, each Delance becomes unique. It reminds the wearer, her aspirations or happy events.

The dream has come true

Style, audacity, character. I wanted a watch to identify with. A Taliswoman representing life, harmony and spirituality. A tick tock to the rhythm of my hours as a woman. I had to invent it. In 1995 I created the Delance watch, a silent mentor intended to encourage women to take their destiny into their own hands and to accompany them throughout their quest.
femme engagée

Round tables. Conferences. Workshop.

Becuase you are involved in promoting feminine excellence. Because you want to motivate the realization of your participants’ ambitions/dreams. Because you want a dynamic, committed, positive intervention that will inspire your guests.