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Discover the capsules and interviews with Giselle Rufer, international speaker-storyteller and woman watchmaker committed to promoting excellence in women.

An interview with designer Giselle Rufer

Delance was founded in 1996 by Giselle Rufer and creates watches exclusively for today’s women. Unique in the world, these elegant timepieces combine exquisite French design with high-precision Swiss craftsmanship. In just a few years, Delance watches have become a talisman, or if you will, a “taliswoman” of femininity.

The emotion I prefer is when I have an idea. I am excited and time does not exist, I am inspired.

The Intelligence of the Heart, a talent to be discovered and developed.

Giselle, Creator of the unique DELANCE Watch tells about the creation.

Round tables. Conferences. Workshop.

Because you are involved in promoting feminine excellence. Because you want to motivate the realization of your participants’ ambitions/dreams. Because you want a dynamic, committed, positive intervention that will inspire your guests.